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Have you ever felt like you would never move past the frustrating Beginner phase in French?

As a French learner for long enough now,  you’ve probably bought enough French language ‘stuff’ along your journey (books, CDs even tapes back then, apps, courses…) to be able to recognise quite a bit of French - at least in written form.

Yet you struggle to put it all together when you need it most.

The dream is: 

You're chatting away in French with local people and French friends. But you're not just pretending - you're actually understanding, responding, even making jokes in French.

The reality is: 

It’s already your 5th day in a row saying ‘I’ll do a bit of French study today’ but – to be honest – if and when you actually sit down to do some, you’re not exactly sure where you should begin seeing progress.

I get it, I really do… 

You might not realise this yet but: “What you focus on, expands”.

If you think of the different skills in French, we have: reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Think of them as muscles just for a minute.

The more you work on a specific muscle group, the stronger it gets.

In other words: 

The more you read, the stronger your reading get.

As learners, this is the easiest thing we can do and have access to. It’s only natural we fill our study time with more reading and grammar exercises.

This is sadly to the detriment of our ultimate goal which is - for most learners I know anywayto converse in French with a certain ease and flow - a certain 'je ne sais quoi', if you will!

Simply put… 

We want to be understood...

YET we don’t often spend the adequate time fine-tuning things like our pronunciation or building our sentence building ‘muscle’.

Another thing just as important: 

We want to be capable of keeping up with a conversation and understand what the other is saying...

YET we don’t often actively find ways to improve our listening skills aka strengthening the listening muscle.

Just around the corner...

The confidence. The speed. The ease.

You’ll be brimming with pride once you break free from - what I call -  “Beginner-Land”.

That’s why I developed a 3-month program where we will get you: 


Starting in February, in this 12-week online program, I will teach you exactly:

~ How to assemble sentences with ease without taking an eternity.

~ How to speak with more confidence without ever wondering again if you will be understood.

~ How to make French a habit in your busy schedule without having to wake at 4am every day or adding more guilt and ‘shoulds’ to your life.

~ Learn how to improve your pronunciation without having to move to France or spend weeks memorising the phonetic alphabet 

even if you have a strong accent to begin with.

~ Learn how to use the French you already have without starting to learn the basics again from scratch even if you’re worried your French is very rusty.

~ Discover how to retain new French even if you can’t remember what you had for dinner last night.

Each month, we'll have a different focus and topic:

My world / Mon monde (famille, travail, loisirs, chez moi...)

Travel / Voyages (logement, transport, visites)

Meals and Dinner chats / Repas et Conversations (commenter, apprecier et discuter)

Every 4 weeks, we'll rotate between:

1. Vocabulary focus

2. Grammar and Sentence Making focus

3. Learning mindset focus + Smart Learning Hacks + Putting it all together

4. Practice time + Questions and Answers. This will be live and recorded group online sessions


To ensure you progress in the most supportive environment:

Access to me via our dedicated student-only private Facebook group


All your questions answered in our Grammar and Resource Vault


Practice regularly with other learners in our private study room on video


Accountability study buddy if you'd benefit from that extra motivation

You’ll get all that for:  $747 AUD


This is EXACTLY the piece of the puzzle that you’ve been missing to feel amazingly proud and step right out of ‘Beginner Land”.

If you want to finally stop saying “Désolée. Je ne parle pas français


If you’re ready to wave

Au revoir to Beginner Land

Then: Come join us on the inside!

Contact Devy for any question: enquire [dot]

Your French teacher

Devy Baseley

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Bienvenue

    • Bienvenue! (Welcome Video)

    • Join our Private Facebook Group

  • 2

    Month 1

    • Month 1 details

  • 3

    Week 1 = Topic Mon monde - Talk about myself, my family, work, interests, home

    • Week 1 dates and details

    • All about WEEK 1 [Video]

    • Part A - Je me presente [Audio]

    • Part A - Je me presente [Transcript]

    • Part B - Pratiquons les questions [Downloadable]

    • Part C - Encore Plus [Walkthrough]

    • Part C - Encore Plus [Downloadable]

  • 4

    Week 2 = Grammar: Basics of sentence making, Negations and Questions

    • Week 2 dates and details

    • Grammar Assessment

    • Assessment Answers

    • Grammar Vault - VIDEO Lessons [Month 1]

    • The Art of Asking Questions [VIDEO]

  • 5

    Week 3 = Make it happen (Making a learning habit, Learner style...)

    • Week 3 dates and details

    • Week 3 Walkthrough [VIDEO]

    • Habit Building Worksheet

    • The 1% rule

    • Improve your French in Under 15 minutes

  • 6

    Week 4 = Practice + Q&A

    • Week 4 dates and details

    • Summary of Weeks 1-2-3 [VIDEO]

    • Checkpoint for Month 1

    • VIDEO Live practice and Q&A session

  • 7

    Month 2

    • Month 2 Dates and Details

  • 8

    Week 5 = Topic Voyages - Talk about your preferred type of holidays, book a train ticket, explain your holiday itinerary

    • Week 5 dates and details

    • Workbook for Topic VOYAGES

    • AUDIO explanation of Workbook VOYAGES

    • Answer sheet Workbook VOYAGES

    • Encore Plus = 'Voyages, Vacances et Tourisme'

  • 9

    Week 6 = Grammar : Passe Compose (with Avoir, With Etre, Negation and Questions)

  • 10

    Week 7 = Memorising what you learn

    • Week 7 dates and details

    • How to best retain your French [VIDEO]

    • What to learn for best retention [VIDEO]

    • French Frequency Dictionary: 5000 words by topic

  • 11

    Week 8 = Practice + Q&A

    • Week 8 dates and details

  • 12

    Month 3

    • Month 3 Dates and Details

  • 13

    Week 9 = Eating and Drinking out

    • Week 9 dates and details

    • Learn how to have a conversation at the restaurant [VIDEO]

    • Food Drinks Dinner Conversation

    • Vocabulary Practice exercices (including answers)

    • Listening practice 1 Au restaurant

    • Listening practice 2 : Au restaurant

    • Dialogues Au Restaurant (answers)

    • Week 9 - Speaking Prompt

  • 14

    Week 10 = Grammar Futur Proche (Bonus: Intro to Imparfait)

    • Week 10 dates and details

    • Futur Proche [Video]

    • Futur Proche [Workbook]

    • Practice Futur Proche (with corrections)

    • BONUS: Intro to Imparfait [Video]

    • Imparfait [Workbook]

    • Practice Imparfait (with corrections)

    • Week 10 - Speaking Prompt

  • 15

    Week 11 = Successful Learning (Detective work, The art of the pivot, Pattern spotting)

    • Week 11 dates and details

    • Detective Work - Overview and Audio

    • Detective Work [Video walk through]

    • Detective Work [Video walk through]

    • Detective Work: List of 120 cognates

    • The Art of the Pivot with verbs

    • Pattern Spotting [Accompanying PDF]

    • Pattern Spotting [Audio]

    • Week 11 - Speaking Prompt

  • 16

    Week 12 = Consolidation, Q&A and Group Practice

    • Week 12 dates and details

    • Week 12 - Speaking Prompt

    • Week 12 - Recording of LIVE call

  • 17


    • Bonus Pronunciation Training - Parts 1+2+3

    • Live Pronunciation Training - Month 1

    • Live Pronunciation Training - Month 2

    • Live Pronunciation Training - Month 3

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