My First French Lesson

My First French Lesson

Free Live Online Video Lesson | taught by Devy Baseley

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Imagine being able to order in a French café without sweating over whether they have a menu in English for you.

Maybe you're curious about learning French or maybe you're a very rusty learner... This live session is for you!

I'll teach you some basic French so that you can 'survive' your first day in France.

Sound like fun? No pre-requisites, just yourself with a smile and something to take notes on!

I'm here to help!

Let me help you unlock some basic French, it will be fast and fun!

Watch this lesson as we cover: 

  • Greetings and how to be polite
  • Introduce yourself
  • Count to ten
  • Order your fave drink

In this live video training replay:

  • You'll learn some really useful French in no time
  • We will practice together and you'll get live feedback from me.
  • By the end, you'll have gained confidence in how you say these few French words and phrases.

Devy Baseley
Devy Baseley
Your French teacher

Native French-speaking. Born in Paris (now living in sunny 'Australie').

20+ years teaching experience & Founder of French Speak.

Dedicated to getting my learners to their learning goals and build their speaking confidence by cutting their learning curve.

Some of my teaching philosophies:

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