Pronunciation Masterclass - Start With a Great Accent From Day One

Pronunciation Masterclass: Get a Great Accent From Day One

Free Online Video Masterclass | taught by Devy Baseley

Course description

Are you a Beginner student who lacks confidence to get speaking?


Have you recently started learning French?

I'm here to help!

As you might already know - French words can be tricky to recognise in conversation as they're often pronounced quite differently to how you see them in writing.

There are certain rules (and a few exceptions of course) which will unlock most French words for you!

Come along and Join me in this special online event:

  • Learn how to say those tricky letters
  • Master the sound R
  • Pronounce those nasal French sounds with ease
  • Get help to recognise those letter combinations
  • Find out which accents change the sound of which letters
  • Learn when to drop the last letter of a French word

Grab a glass of wine or a cuppa and watch this live video training:

  • We will practice together and you'll get live feedback from me.
  • You'll also get a free workbook to follow along.
  • By the end, you'll have gained more confidence in how you say French words.

Devy Baseley
Devy Baseley
Your French teacher

Native French-speaking. Born in Paris (now living in sunny 'Australie').

20+ years teaching experience & Founder of French Speak.

Dedicated to getting my learners to their learning goals and build their speaking confidence by cutting their learning curve.

Some of my teaching philosophies: