French Numbers: Count in French from 0 to 100 and beyond

The Art of Counting in French

With ease & an impeccable accent of course | taught by Devy Baseley

Course description

Follow my 5 easy steps to count to 100

Join me for a 5-part mini training challenge on THE ART OF COUNTING IN FRENCH.

I’ll be sharing all my tips and tricks for pronunciation as well as memorising of the tricky numbers.

Whether it’s your first encounter with French numbers or you’ve learned them before and still struggle to recall them quickly in conversation.

This training is for you!

Together we will cover each of these 5 steps to ensure optimal learning and retention:

  1. Perfect your pronunciation of 0-10
  2. Focus on 11- 20 only
  3. Learn 20, 30, 40…
  4. (re)Discover the tricky numbers
  5. Put it all together

Of course, you can ‘Google’ French numbers but you probably won’t remember them in a week’s time or you won’t pronounce them well enough to be understood (therefore missing the point!). I'm here to help!

Are you ready to learn the Art of counting in French?

Come on and join this free training!

Devy Baseley
Devy Baseley
Your French teacher

Native French-speaking. Born in Paris (now living in sunny 'Australie').

20+ years teaching experience & Founder of French Speak.

Dedicated to getting my learners to their learning goals and build their speaking confidence by cutting their learning curve.

Some of my teaching philosophies:

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